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  Topics include: fundamental equity analysis, accounting and ratio analysis, and technical analysis

  Topics include: analysis of individual factors/risk premia, factor-based models and style investing

  Topics include: statistical methods, simulations and big data/machine learning

  Topics include: real estate, commodities, currency and private equity

  Topics include: volatility measures and downside-only measures

  Topics include: developed, emerging, frontier and global market research

  Topics include: mutual fund performance, passive strategies, ETFs and applications

  Topcis include: MBS, CMBS and mortgage loans, ABS, CLOs, CDOs and other structured credit, Project finance, legal and regulatory issues for structured finance

  Topics include: Portfolio theory, Portfolio construction, ESG investing, Manager selection

  Topics include: VAR and use of alternative risk measures of trading risk, Credit risk management, Tail risks

  Topics include: Wealth management, Retirement, Social security, Pension funds, Foundations & endowments

  Topics include: Exchanges/markets/clearinghouses, Information providers/credit ratings, Financial crises and financial market history

  Topics include: Options, Interest-rate and currency swaps, Futures and forward contracts, Credit default swaps, Counterparty risk

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